It’s a puzzle platformer made with just one sprite, and being one with the world.

To move the player, you can move left or right with arrow keys or AD. Use SPACE for jump.

Furthermore, you can attach or detach the player to other components of the level to solve puzzles and progress further.

To toggle ON/OFF the attach/detach, press Q.

To choose the components to attach or detach, you can move using WASD or arrow keys.

And to confirm the action press E.

The objective is to reach the end of the level with a specific form/shape conveyed to you as GOAL.

A Game by,

Rohit Sharma,

Amrit Choudhary,

Akshay Goel,

Pooja Sawant

PS : Music under Creative Commons License by

Install instructions

1) Download zip

2) Extract zip

3) Play .exe


Download 30 MB
Download 29 MB

Development log


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Amazing Game! Simple Graphics, Great Gameplay :-)

Thanks a lot! :)


great efforts.. i loved the trippy effect on the blocks

thanks! :)


Awesome game !!! Interesting gameplay.

thank you! :)