A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A group of refugees are stuck in a wasteland. You are the leader of the group and you have to find the shelter before hunger kills everyone.

How to Play?

[LEFT CLICK] on the grid points close to your position to make a path. Press [Space] to walk on the path. Press [Esc] to cancel the selection.

You need 1 move to cross land, 2 moves to cross water (with 5 spare parts for creating raft) and 3 moves to cross mountains.

You will find Bandits, Mines, Broken Huts, Food and Spare Parts along the way.

Bandits are notorious, and you'll have to either fight them or surrender to them and lose some of your resources.

[RIGHT CLICK] on the resources to collect them and repair the broken huts.

Broken huts are of old men who can't go out and collect the spare parts required. You can help them by giving 5 spare parts and you'll recieve 2 food in return.

Characters will lose 2 health points for every 5 moves taken.

Click on the character potraits to feed them food. They will recieve 3 health points for each food item consumed.

Move away from the land mine as soon as you can, because it'll blast in 3 seconds and cause you harm if you're in the area of influence.

Good luck! May you find the shelter.

P.S. - This game was the winner for BYOG 2017

Install instructions

1) Download the .zip file

2) Extract it

3) Run the .exe


Atlas of Survivors Final.zip 16 MB

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