Hey all,

Our game 'The Diplomat' was created for BYOG 2018 in 48 hours. We were really proud of the game we made in that short frame. So we uploaded our game for the competition, just in time and got a lot of great feedback. The summarized feedback was that the art is beautiful, the idea is innovative and the game is buggy. 

So, after we submitted our entry for the competition, we took a break of 2-3 days and then started working on making the game bug free and balancing the game. We only had about 4 days to do that before the winners were announced and invited to the Indian Game Developers' Conference 2018. Unfortunately, we could not make it into the top 5. But that doesn't mean the work would stop.

We are updating the game today with major bugfixes, UI polishing and game balance. Do share the bugs you encounter and your experience of the update.

Thank you,

-Atash Qasim, Vishakh Mohan, Akshay Goel


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Feb 03, 2019

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